Discourses on Peace and Conflict in Nigeria: An Interdisciplinary Approach


The book tackles different themes on Peace and Conflict, from contextual discourse to specific case studies. It has twelve chapters put together by thirteen experts in various academic fields, and from different disciplines. Its scope includes drawing specific insights from themes in Gender Studies, History, Political Science, Psychology, Public Relations, Literary Studies and Information Communication Technology. The book tackles contemporary issues on peace and conflicts in Nigeria. It has a concrete multidisciplinary breadth; and will definitely service the eclectic posture of peace and conflict studies. The book is written in an effort to produce from amongst a significant demography – the students (youths) – an informed, reformed and refined society as a possible escape route of any form of social deformity that could be planted by knowledge deficits in peace disposition. The book remains largely significant to all yearning for knowledge in the themes covered.

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