Marriage Is War


The book Marriage is War is about having a deliberate and intentional marriage. Many singles don’t understand marriage so much that they don’t know who to marry and who not to marry. Many marry for the wrong reasons and that is why there are so many cases of domestic violence, spousal murders and divorces. The book lists the type of persons one must not marry, the challenges encountered in marriage, how to handle the challenges in marriage and how to enjoy an awesome marriage. It doesn’t matter how long you have been married, or the point at which you are in your marriage, this book has something for you. It is a guide in building capacity towards a sustainable marriage, a marriage that, despite upheavals, will stand the test of time, only to blossom and create joy in the couple’s hearts. The book is bas Marriage is War: Battling for Love, Trust, and Unity in the Trenches of Matrimony.

In this raw, honest, and often humorous book, Adesua & Sunday exposes the reality of marriage as a battlefield – not a romantic getaway. With vulnerability and transparency, Adesua & Sunday shares personal anecdotes, biblical insights, and practical strategies for fighting the good fight of marriage.

Discover how to:
– Identify and defeat the enemy’s tactics
– Build a strong foundation of trust and communication
– Navigate the minefields of conflict and resolution
– Cultivate intimacy and connection in a busy world
– Develop a strategy for winning the war against discord and disconnection

Join the battle for a stronger, happier marriage. Pick up your weapons – love, forgiveness, and commitment – and get ready to fight for the most important relationship in your life.”

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