Pause, Ponder and Prosper: Extracts From Great Philosophers That Will Permeate and Prosper Your Day


Prosperity is not all about being materially comfortable but being mentally composed to face life today, tomorrow, and beyond life, the earth.
Unfortunately, man has utterly reneged on the truth, which is life, and chases about life as presented by his enemy, whose mission is to strip away the very life that is adorned with gold.
What makes you wise if you cannot discern who your enemy is? If you are not able to identify your sworn enemy, it means you will walk into his arms to devour you.
Life is “Live and Leave, and All Left Are Losses”. Man has so much concentration on “live” without considering “leave,” hence he leaves into regrets, for ‘he who walks and watches death will walk into it with victory, but he who ignores death will walk into it’s arms with regrets.’ Hence “Pause, Ponder, and Prosper” in hope after life for “Long or Short Life Lived, Eternity Begins One Day And Ends No Day.” – Odenkpisi.

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