Simplified General Mathematics


Simplified General Mathematics is, as the title suggests, mathematics ridiculously simplified and absolutely demystified. This work was inspired by a question a student once asked me: “how come about these mathematics that we solve?”. The search for answer to this question culminated in this and related titles; Simplified Further Mathematics and Simplified Physics.

The book employs an illustration-heavy and highly foundational approach to produce, together with its counterpart – Simplified Further mathematics, arguably, the most simplified mathematics textbooks you may possibly find.

Most notably, the author assumes that the student has zero numerical aptitude, hence, goes extra mile to over-simplify the work, of course without losing details.

The author is a natural born teacher with a knack for simplicity and the conceptual, which has been refined through years of classroom experience which permeates this work. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical/Electronics Engineering with over half a decade of experience as a Mathematics and Physics Teacher and Laboratory Instructor.

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