The Ninth Laborer


Roy Ofili produces this work of art set in the region of southern Nigeria.

Daniel is a regular worker who has recently fallen on hard times. Initially working as an accountant in a prestigious bank, he loses his job when the bank decides to downsize. Daniel is devastated as he has no savings and he is quickly running out of finances to take care of his wife and kid. Things get worse when his wife is involved in a freak accident rendering her housebound. Daniel has to find work, any work, and fast.

Approaching the labour market, Daniel is contracted alongside eight other workers to go and do a three day job in a mysterious and isolated compound somewhere on the outskirts of town. Things take on a strange turn when the laborers begin to die each night, one by one, under mysterious circumstances. Having been deprived of their phones and with no means of escape in a jungle filled with vicious black dogs, the laborers find themselves at the mercy of something mysterious, deadly and ancient. How will they make it back alive?

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