The Seven Irrevocable Laws of Leadership: The Road to Building an Impactful, Excellent and Influential Leadership


Everything rises and falls on leadership! How does one maximize his position for good? How does one rise from being a mediocre to a reputable and renowned leader despite his weaknesses? How does one regain his influence/reputation even after he has lost everything?
In this book, you will know the truth and the truth will set you free from the shackles of leadership imposter syndrome, and wrong ideologies about leadership, which will set you on the ladder of impact, relevance and influence, even after you have handed over as a leader.
The principles in this book bridge the deficiencies of those who had inadequate formal schooling, and put them substantially on the same pedestal of opportunity that is enjoyed by those who have better education. Finally, one good thing about “The Seven Irrevocable Laws of Leadership” is that, its principles can be applied in every aspect of life, e.g. Business, Religion, Politics, Academics, etc.

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