Weep for Ma Kontri


In this novel of political and economic misfortunes, Ma Kontri a nation blessed with all that is needed to make it great, yet her growth is stunted.
Political intrigues, corruption, tribalism, selfish interest all play crucial roles in keeping the nation down.
Udeme one of the victims of these negative tendencies with other citizens of Ma Kontri watch with trepidation as the military politricians and civilian politricians play draught with the future of the nation and her citizens

Citizens of Ma Kontri are the hapless victims of insensitive governments. After almost sixty years of independence Ma Kontri is still politically and economically backward, the poverty capital of the world, the big crawling baby in diapers and Udeme and his country men are not spared either as this negative trend affects their lives adversely.

WEEP FOR MA KONTRI is a wake up call to do the right thing.

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