12 Principles for Fulfilling Your Purpose


In a world where people are battling and striving for survival, searching for identity, finding self-esteem, and, the purpose for existence, Dalton Jesmiel has discovered guiding principles for living a purpose-driven and fulfilling life on Earth.
12 principles for fulfilling your purpose is a principle guide for anyone who is stuck with these 5 questions of life.

​​​​​​​1.         Who am I?
2.         Where am I from?
3.         Why am I here?
4.         What can I do?
5.         And where am I going?

Dalton Jesmiel by thorough research and practical life experience has explored working principles for anyone who desires to empty their potential upon the earth.

This is a book that points out three major steps that guarantee fulfillment of life on the earth. These are.

#1. Discovering your Purpose: Key to greatness
#2. Uncovering & maximizing your potential
#3. Taking Responsibility for your desired future.

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