APT: Alternative Parenting Technology


This book is the result of my critical thought on how to close the gaps created by Parents on proper parenting as it were. Written here’s the proven singular technology that has the capacity to rightly guide and guard the destiny of any child when applied by parents.

Prayer is a technology because it is a skill that can be learnt and mastered – and when that is done by faith, it yields tremendous results.

It is called an Alternative because many are not aware of its power and usually resort to it after they have tried all other traditional methods of parenting available to them. This technology is indeed apt as it offers the solution to the challenges facing today’s parenting. Again, the workability and effectiveness of any of the traditional methods of parenting also depends on it.

So, whether you are a young parent or you are like many older parents who has tried all the traditional parenting techniques such as flogging, punishment, withdrawal of rights, denial of privileges, rewarding etc. but yet there seems to be no enough convincing results, then this book is for you. Kindly study and apply this technology and peace will return to your soul and home.

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