The Journey: One Trip That Changed Everything


This book you picked up to read marks a true event that I happened to experience and lived to tell the tale. On Wednesday, 23rd September, 2015, I was involved in a huge car accident at 9th Mile, while driving to Ezira in Anambra State via the Enugu-Onitsha Express Way. In the car with me were Ekene Ike-Ekwolo, Edu Godson Nwabueze and Ukeje Ogochukwu.
I lost the car, broke my leg, broke my skull & lost my life… I miraculously survived and came back to life after staying 21 days in coma and asked ‘where am I…?’ Today, I am alive to tell the story…

In The Journey, Mr. Collins reveals that death is a constant; however the variables – where one can only die when he completes his life’s purpose or not are inconsistently consistent. As you delve further into this book, through Collins’ penned words, you will discover essential truths about our path in the sea of life, from his accident, the unexpected turbulent waves that frustrate us and from his relationships, the realization you need never sail alone.

This timeless classic reveals to you that life is full of endless possibilities that you need to travel life with an open mind, live a purpose driven life and enjoy a healthy relationship with your friends and family. So, get ready to make the right changes in the structure of your belief about life and death, and in understanding this conflicting force, understand that you were meant to be an excellent personality; you were created to be you.

I want to hear from you if you know this book has struck a chord within you. You can reach me via email: or call +2348032556163 for a personal or group meeting on this book or other ministration talk with children, teenagers and youths.

Thank you for investing your time to read this piece.

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