Gombe @ 25: Essays in Honor of An Icon Leader, Ibrahim Hassan Dakwambo PhD OON (Talban Gombe)


At the approach of the twenty centuries, politics around the world began to sound the alarm that most of the world’s leaders were highly committed and engaged in serving the people they represent. Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo PhD, is a rare gem that every society needed in terms of his political and leadership style in the 21st century; considering the fact that, no single person can work with Talban Gombe without wishing to continuing working with him throughout his/her lifetime. It, therefore, becomes refreshing to come across a book that not only takes the issue of Politics for Development seriously, but has also done so from the firsthand experience of its 19 contributors, which are mostly citizens from the state or around. The editors innovatively catalogued the book into 4 sections namely, understanding Dr Dankwambo, History of Gombe @25, Socio-economy, Environment and Security.

This book is a publication of the Nigerian Army University Biu, Borno State.

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