This book is basically a guidebook and a pointer for those who want to be lawyers but are clueless on what to do or how to go about it. This book also helps the outsider, the man or woman who is not a lawyer to know what the profession is all about. You will find tips on how to build self-confidence and know about the mental laws that can determine your ultimate success in your WAEC, JAMB AND POST UTME and also learn how your scores are calculated.
The Legal Profession is one of the most prestigious (elite) professions in the world. But for one reason or the other this profession has not yet received maximum recognition as it ought to in Nigeria. Some quarters of the country perceive Lawyers as Lairs and yet others see Lawyers as arrogant, proud and that they only work for the rich as their fees are so exorbitant that the average person does not stand a chance of procuring the services of a Lawyer. And yet majority of the populace still do not know what a lawyer does, many believe that the sole function of a lawyer is to represent his client in court. But this is only one out of the numerous activities/duties of a lawyer.
There are however, a sizeable chunk of the populace who do not know how lawyers are made. Some are of the opinion that one must possess a special gift, or have a calling, or must be exceptionally brilliant or loves to argue a lot, or comes from an elite family. All these things are irrelevant, anyone can be a lawyer but is only the fearless and those who are determined who have taken bold steps to study this profession in higher institutions that become lawyers eventually. I heard a very hilarious story of a man who wanted his first son to become a Lawyer. So he took his son to the office of a lawyer. He told the Lawyer that he wanted his son to learn the trade of the profession so that he too could become a lawyer. But the Lawyer gentleman simply smiled and politely educated the man and explained to him the processes involved before his son could become a Lawyer. He further added that one cannot become a lawyer by simply working in the office of a Lawyer. The man was dumb founded and perplexed. But there are millions of Nigerians who are just like this ignorant man, they know little or nothing of how Lawyers are made.
This book is specially written for those who do not know how people become lawyers and are interested in their wards/ children studying this course. Also, for those in secondary schools who have proposed in their hearts to study law in the higher institutions and know nothing of what the profession entails. And for those who do not know what lawyers do. The work of a lawyer is intertwined and interwoven into other professions and even the personal lives of individuals, so it is usually very difficult to quantify the work of a lawyer.
In this book you will discover so many things in this book including:
-the various courts in Nigeria
-the required subjects to pass before one could gain admission into the higher institution to study law.
-How to prepare for your WAEC, JAMB and POST UTME exams and also learn how your grades and scores are calculated.
-what to do while in the university
-And how to excel in Law School
This book is like a revelation into every mystery in the profession. It is my desire that this book would be a guide as you have chosen to journey in the murky waters of this profession, may this book be for you a guide and pull you out of every ignorance and receive understanding. You can purchase this book on or Enjoy reading.

Isoken Osaigbovo is a legal practitioner, an entrepreneur, an avid reader, a blogger ( and a voracious book reviewer. This is her third published E-Book. She graduated from the University of Benin, Edo state in 2008 and attended the Kano Law school and was called to the Nigerian Bar in 2009 and she has been practicing ever since. She is currently one of the senior partners in the Law Firm of Goldrush Partners at No.14, Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos State.
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