Awake Through Self-Discovery: Solution Manual


Are you still battling with Nicotine and Hard-drugs, Gambling, Pornography, Masturbation, Smoking? Are you ready to learn how you can get back up when life knocks you down? Have you really encountered difficulty in knowing who you truly are?

Awake through self-discovery is a clarion call to self-actualization and destiny fulfillment. (SOLUTION MANUAL).

This is a motivational and inspirational book that guarantees satisfaction and greatness. The book aims at equipping the reader with the inevitable knowledge on how to appreciate yourself for whom you are. (Knowing Thy-Self).

It is a must read for anyone aspiring to make a difference in their generation. It will propel, challenge and inspire you to achieve stupendous feat in life. In this book, we have carefully highlighted the reason behind the down fall of many individuals (living with limitations) in our society and stipulated materials through which there will be change.

Wondered why you act exactly the way you do? At times you do things you don’t necessarily want to do like gambling, taking nicotine and hard-drugs, masturbating, smoking, seeing pornography, lying, fornicating, cheating, committing adultery, procrastinating, quarrelling and fighting? Perhaps you have been living a borrowed life entirely different from whom you truly are? Why can’t we live a lifestyle that pleases our Creator? And what can we do to break free from our own limitation’s grip and finally get to work with our potentials unhindered?

If you’re interested in the answers to these questions, you’re probably in a situation similar to the one in which I spent most of my life. From the year 2014 to 2016, I was the worst gambler imaginable. I had zero self-discipline, living in fear and timidity.

I couldn’t get anything done without being subjected to significant amount of pressure. And I was suffering the consequences living as a wretched man in sin every day. Since that time, I’ve gone through a remarkable transformation with my discoveries and personal encounter, which I’m going to use as a testimony to teach you how to finally overcome your tendency to sin and living above your own limitations and barriers in the process, unmasking your true identity, unlocking your full potentials and learning practical steps to putting your own talents to work.

This book presents a concise, yet detailed summary of the major lessons I’ve learned over the last few years fighting my own battles against the ‘unknown man’ by discovering myself. It’s a journey that started since the year 2009 when I first heard of temperament in a Sunday school class.

Through this book, you are sure to gain:

● A better understanding of who you are and why you act the way how you do.
● Practical steps on how to live above your weaknesses while banking on your strength.
● The secret of what truly makes you unique and ways to discover and maximize your true potentials.
● Amazing steps to live a life without limits with new skills and core competencies to fulfill your dreams.
● Career advancement and empowerment in any situation through self-responsibility, self-love and divine-love for others who are unkind to you.

I promise that if you follow the guidelines stipulated in this SOLUTION-MANUAL, you’ll immediately experience a significant decline in your day-to-day Failures and be proud to say Yes! Now I know who I am because the approach will surely work for you whether you’re a failing student, a successful business person, a stay-at-home mom, an aspiring entrepreneur, or a “lost cause” with little hope of improvement. This book is recommended for all curious minds that desire to RISE-UP and RE-DISCOVER themselves for greater achievements in life. It is for anyone who wants to learn more about themselves and become Ardent + Wiser + Adorable + Knowledgeable + Extraordinary = AWAKE in the process.

It is useful to all individual, tag along!

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