BURNS and STINGS in the VALLEY… exclusively DEAF story


Chinyere and Gladys are deaf, close friends and primary school pupils. On from a well-to-do family; the other from a poor one. Circumstances separate them as Chinyere relocates to north-central Nigeria, and resumes school there, while Gladys drops out of school and slips, as a helpless  victim, into a human trafficking ring, carried off northwards by another deaf girl to serve this evil industry.

Series of events unfold and pave the way for well-meaning individuals to rescue Gladys. Then progressive enlightened youths in the deaf community, encouraged by the dramatic rescue of Gladys, single-handedly pull down bad leadership in parts of their own deaf community for abetting individuals who traffic in deaf girls for pecuniary gains. Their hearing counterparts’ unenlightened and dehumanizing view of the deaf — a brutal attitude holding the deaf grimly to ransom — also reflects in the story

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