Crime Story


Crime Story (18+) is a masterful blend of everything you’ve always wanted to read: a story of friendship, betrayal, gangsterism, violence, and war!

Crime Story is a suspense-laden work of fiction, a product of creative imagination, full of twists and turns. Wait a minute: have you ever desired to read and learn from a story portraying a mixture of friendship, betrayal, gangsterism, violence and war happening in our society, but then with patchy scenes of raunchy, steamy sex interspersed throughout the story? Let’s face it: we all do. So, if your answer is yes, then you’re in the right place.

Crime Story will tickle your fantasy, ignite your secret desires, stir your emotions and set your imagination on fire. Trust me, you haven’t read a story like this. Once in a while, you need to read this kind of story as an interlude of fun to diffuse stress and lubricate your busy life.

Crafted as an ebook, it downloads automatically straight into your phone/computer so it would be easy for you to read everywhere you go.

Crime Story is here for you from the stables and creative crucibles of an ingenious storyteller, the author of the international bestseller: 50 Secrets of Survival: Pointers to Personal Freedom.

Crime Story is compelling, revealing, entertaining, captivating!

Format: PDF.

Word count: 54,691.

No. of pages: 103.

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