Kingdom Influencers: Generation of the Eagle


As the program of God for the earth and mankind reaches its crescendo these last days, with the geometric growth of darkness in various shades, it is very obvious that anyone that will survive being swept away by the tide of this darkness and its attendant possibilities, must fight in his true element in Zion. Christianity and church as usual will not suffice in prosecuting the agenda of God these last days.
As God seeks to enforce the authority of His government within the systems of the world and its territories, He seeks to do the same with a certain group of people who bear the burden and emphasis of His heart, and can translate the same amongst men within the systems of the world. It is to such end, because of the urgency and peculiarity of the work, that God is raising a generation of the eagle whose hands have been trained to war. The Kingdom Influencers, generation of the eagle, are the luminaries who fight from the very height of the heavens; those who represent and defend the interest of the kingdom, the odd notwithstanding.
The good news is that any and every one can make this rank, and that is why this piece is just for you. Therefore, discover more about you as you read through the pages of this book.

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