The Mystery of Location: The Impact of Location on Ordination and Its Fulfilment


Geographic location and atmospheric condition limit the possibility of certain exploration and manifestation in life. This is the reason why certain realities and experiments cannot be attained except under the appropriate atmospheric condition. Likewise, releasing and maximizing one’s potential to its zenith become a reality to grab if and only when one operates from and within the boundary of his geographic location and ordination. Leverage of any sort in one’s pursuit and ordination is only guaranteed as he transacts within the boundary of his ecosystem.
Just like a fish out of water becomes impotent, so also is a man out of touch with his geographic location. When a man engages the transactions of his ordination within the perimeter of his geographic domain, he becomes like a man that is fully armed for war. This is because such a man is fighting from his true element. The element of the fish is the water just as that of the eagle is the air. If the fish or eagle fights outside their elements, they will be victimized and marginalized by the very enemy they could have won had they had fought in their elements with just the snap of a finger. Defeats, struggles and underperformances amongst other things are usually a norm for the man who operates outside the quadrant of his ordination and location.
As you read through the pages of this piece, amongst other things, you will get to understand the significance of geographic location to your success and sustenance.

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