Potential not Credential


This Book helps individuals to make the best use of their Divine endowments instead of trying to build one method or copy a concept from one person or place. Start to showcase your Potential instead of your Credentials, Potential gives you Freedom, Happiness, Power, Position, Posterity, and Prosperity but Credential only gives you a daily or monthly payment that enslaves you and your time without any choice or freedom.

In this book, The Author shows the readers how to unlock their potential and upgrade performance and productivity for maximum profitability which is one secret to stress-less success in life.

Your credential can feed you but your potential will feed your generations. Credential gives you a Job to make a living but Potential gives you a work to make an impact.

This Book is required for anyone who wants to enjoy happiness, success, prosperity, stress-less results, and a great fulfillment of destiny.

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