Riches Are Not Beyond Your Reach


This book delves into the principles that govern not just material wealth but the entirety of our existence and success. It unravels a formula, a recipe for achieving abundant success. The qualities that distinguish winners from losers – attitudes, actions, persistence, and passion – are dissected and laid bare for the reader.

Dr. Abhay singh (Author of Serenade)

This book is not an automatic ticket to material riches alone, it is a book to help you learn several powerful techniques and strategies that will actually re-condition your mind so that you can think in the same way rich people do. Infinite possibilities are what our minds can unlock, if we can use them well.

There is no doubt you have read other books, listened to genius speakers, gone for many courses, and learned numerous get-rich schemes in different fields of life. Well, it’s an added advantage, but I am certain that this book will open your eyes to the abundant resources around you that you never took note of. So don’t just read this book; study it as if your life depended on it. Never hesitate to try out the principles for yourself.

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