The Champion


Pere, a poor but hard-working and kind fatherless teenager, was searching for where to collect charcoal fireballs to make his fire for cooking. In his search, he entered the king’s palace, not knowing that the grand finale of the Ayo olopon game competition was ongoing there. The king spotted Pere and forced him to play the game of Ayo-olopon with him despite his pleas that he did not know how to play the game. Miraculously, he won the king, not only once, but seven times!
Nobody had ever won against the defeated and embarrassed king, the reigning champion of the game, for the past ten years. Therefore, he was infuriated and refused to declare Pere the champion.
The king insisted he would declare Pere the champion only after he might have successfully identified him from other veiled persons at the market square in seven days. Failure to correctly identify him attracts the death penalty for him and every family member.
Will Pere be able to identify the king and be declared the champion, or will he fail and be killed? Find out what happened to Pere as you read this story to the end.

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