Don’t Do It! Suicide Is Not an Option


Recently, the increase in suicide worldwide is becoming alarming and worrisome. Suicide is said to be the world’s 18th leading cause of death. Suicide happens not only in developing countries where life is complex and challenging but also in developed and advanced countries: Japan and the U.S.A, South Korea and China have the highest rate of suicide in the world!
Concerning Nigeria, according to a World Health Organization (WHO) study published by Spectator Index on July 2018, Nigeria has a fifteen percent (15%) per 100,000 suicide rate, ranking as the 5th highest rate of suicide in the world! That is to say that in every 100000 suicide cases worldwide, Nigeria has 1500 cases. This is alarmingly high!
Unspecified numbers of people try unsuccessfully to kill themselves daily; still, many are battling depression and suicidal thoughts.
However, suicide is not a solution to life’s challenges; Jesus is.
Therefore, come to Jesus with all that troubles your soul and He will help you because He loves you. Matthew 11:28-30. JESUS SAVES, DELIVERS, HEALS, AND PROVIDES.

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